RDS frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The RDS portal serves as ICIMOD’s clearing house for data curation and dissemination and ensures easy access to curated datasets; users can download ICIMOD’s published datasets after following a simple registration process.

Users need to follow a simple registration process to download data. We request this information to understand our users better and for our monitoring, evaluation, and learning purposes.
Once registered, you can login with your credentials (username and password) here. http://rds.icimod.org/account/login

Click on the following link: http://rds.icimod.org/account/Register
Fill in the required details and click on “Register”.
We will then email you instructions on how to activate your account.

Registered users can click on the “Download” button next to public datasets.

You will then be taken to our “data download/user agreement” page.
You will need to specify the purpose for data download. You can also help us by providing a short description about how you plan to use the data.
Your download will automatically start after you click the “I agree” button.

The portal provides free-text search and advanced search capabilities; users can search by defining the title, abstract, keyword, or geographic extent.

You can write expressions using the following grammar in any of the search fields:
string: search metadata having "string" in field
string1 string2: equivalent to string1 and string2
"string1 string2": search metadata having the "string1 string2" in field
string1 and string2: search metadata having both "string1" and "string2" in field
string1 or string2: search metadata having either 'string1' or "string2" in field
string1 not string2: search metadata having "string1" but not "string2" in field
Keywords and operators (and, or, not) are not case sensitive.
For instance, inputting the following combinations in the title field yields different results:
glacier map searches all metadata containing the words "glacier" and "map" in the title
"glacier map" searches all metadata containing the text "glacier map" in the title
"glacier map" not roads searches for all metadata containing the text " glacier map" but not the word "roads" in the title
You can specify the east, west, north, and south coordinates to determine the extent of your search criteria. Alternatively, you can use the map feature on the right to pan and zoom and specify an area of interest to search for relevant datasets by location.

Once you submit your registered email address, we will email a password reset token to your specified email address. We will not email you a new password.

Please write to us at rds@icimod.org. Please allow us 2–4 business days to respond.

The data download/use agreement is generated each time you request to download a dataset. A version of the data download/use agreement is included below. Please review our terms of use http://icimod.org/terms-of-use/. RDS data download/use agreement
The data have been collected and/or generated by various initiatives at ICIMOD. In collecting, acquiring, managing, and sharing data, ICIMOD respects and abides by the related international and national laws, third party intellectual property rights, confidentiality obligations, and contractual terms and conditions of use as imposed by the provider of the data.
To access and use this data, you must agree to the following general terms. For specific access, use, and distribution rights of the dataset, please refer to metadata details. Terms and conditions:
Users will cite and acknowledge ICIMOD when using the data.

Format for citation:
A. Published data

Author/Rights holder. (Year/Date). Title of data set (Version number/Edition) [Description of form]. Place of production: Name of Producer. Retrieved from URL

Example: ICIMOD. (2014) Glaciers of Nepal 1990. Kathmandu, Nepal: ICIMOD

B. Unpublished raw data from study, untitled work

Author. (Year/Date). [Description of study topic]. Unpublished raw data.

Example: Bajracharya, S. R. (2009) [Glacier inventory]. Unpublished raw data.

ICIMOD does not guarantee the quality, accuracy or veracity of the data, and data are shared on an “as is” basis. ICIMOD will not be responsible for errors or omissions in the data. (Reference: ICIMOD Data Policy). However, ICIMOD aims to ensure that only high-quality data are shared and disseminated through its institutional repository.

ICIMOD shall not be obligated to notify the User of any updates, additions, or corrections to the data in the future.
ICIMOD will not be held liable for the consequences arising out of improper or incorrect use of the data.
No fee will be charged on redistribution of the data by the User.
The permission to use the data shall not be considered the waiver of copyright or proprietary right of ICIMOD and other data owners, wherever applicable.

The Data Explorer application allows visualization of data as dynamic maps and charts. Users can also share the generated maps and charts on social media by using integrated buttons in the application. The Data Explorer application can be accessed here:

Visit our Temporal Data Download Tool to download gridded non-climatic time series data for your area of interest and time period (e.g. snow cover for the entire Hindu Kush Himalayan region, select river basins and/or sub-basins or a defined area of interest).
To use this tool, you need to be logged in to RDS: http://rds.icimod.org/TemporalTIff?id=snow

We will revisit the FAQs periodically every quarter. It was last updated on 26 January 2021. Please write to us at rds@icimod.org. Please allow us 2–4 business days to respond.