Improved 8-day version 6.1 Terra–Aqua MODIS cloud-free snow cover and Randolph Glacier Inventory 6.0 product for high-mountain Asia between 2002 and 2022

Updated Date: 5/6/2024 3:56:58 PM

The product contains improved MODIS 8-day Terra (MOD10A2) and Aqua (MYD10A2) collection 6.1 snow-cover composite product merged with Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI6.0). The product is generated using MODIS Terra and Aqua 8-day snow cover products MOD10A2 and MYD10A2 collection 6.1 (C61), respectively. The data covers High Mountain Asia (HMA) covering latitude 24.32 − 49.19 N and Longitude 58.22 − 122.48 E. The data is available with eight-day temporal resolution and 500 m spatial resolution covering the period between 2002 and 2022. The name of the product is derived from MODIS Terra (MOD) MODIS Aqua (MYD), and Glacier (GL), Version 6.1 (61) as M*D10A2V61GL. The product is described in ordinal date and there are 46 eight-day composite images each year in GeoTIFF file format. The data is described by the values: 25 - No Snow classes, 50 - Cloud, 198 - Snow only in Terra, 199 - Snow only in Aqua, 200 - Snow in both Terra and Aqua, 238 - Debris-covered ice with Terra Snow, 239 - Debris-covered ice with Aqua Snow, 240 - Exposed debris-covered ice, 242 - Debris-covered ice with Snow in both Terra and Aqua, 248 - Debris-free ice with Terra Snow, 249 - Debris-free ice with Aqua Snow, 250 - Exposed debris-free ice, 252 - Debris-free ice with snow in both Terra and Aqua.