Improved daily MODIS TERRA/AQUA Snow and Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI6.0) data for High Mountain Asia (2002-2019)

Updated Date: 4/1/2021 2:32:46 PM

The data contains improved daily MODIS Terra/Aqua combined snow-cover merged with Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI6.0) product. This product is generated using MODIS Terra and Aqua daily snow cover products MOD10A1 and MYD10A1 collection 6 (C6), respectively. The data covers High Mountain Asia (HMA) covering latitude 24.32− 49.19 N and Longitude 58.22 - 122.48 E with temporal coverage between 2002 and 2019. The data has daily temporal resolution and 500 m spatial resolution. The product is named as M*D10A1GL06 derived from MODIS Terra (MOD) MODIS Aqua (MYD), original product number (10A1) and Glacier (GL), Version 6 (06). The product is described in ordinal date available in GeoTIFF file format as described in the associated Dataset README. For more details about the data, please read the paper associated with this data titled "An improved Terra-Aqua MODIS daily cloud-free snow and Randolph Glacier Inventory 6.0 combined product (M*D10A1GL06) for high-mountain Asia between 2002 and 2019" in Earth System Science Data Journal.