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About RDS

ICIMOD has established a Regional Database System (RDS) that acts as a central data repository for different thematic areas in the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region and provides easy access to these data through this RDS portal. The portal allows users to search metadata by providing free search text. The users can also perform an advanced search based on title, abstract, keyword, category, or within a user-defined geographic extent. All of ICIMOD’s published datasets are available for download after simple registration and acceptance of the data use agreement.

Also, a Data Viewer application has been developed to allow visualization of geospatial and tabular data as dynamic maps and charts. In addition to viewing data layers for a given geographic area (e.g. regional, country, landscape, river basin, etc.), users can also create their own custom map with the selected data layers of their interest.

The Regional Database System (RDS) initiative under ICIMOD’s Mountain Environment Regional Information System (MENRIS) programme is responsible for developing and maintaining the RDS. The RDS initiative has put in place ICIMOD’s Data Sharing Policy, data and metadata standards, and necessary hardware and software infrastructure. The Data Sharing Policy facilitates data sharing in the region and among the global community, enabling data use beyond the original research, and has been aligned with the philosophy of open and free access to scientific information and knowledge.



Regional Database System Initiative
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