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  • Power Infrastructure Map of Bhutan
    Power Infrastructure Map contains maps of Hydro power plants, Rural electrification plan, National Transmission Grid Master Plan, Sub-basins and Land cover Map of Bhutan.
  • Aster DEM of Bhutan
    It shows the Aster DEM with 15m spatial resolution covering whole of Bhutan.
  • Rural Electrification Master Plan for Dzongkhag wise electrification in Bhutan
    The dataset contains all existing power distribution infrastructure (substation in point shape, distribution poles and lines), all unelectrified rural villages and RE expansion network plan for the c..
  • Dzongkhag Boundary of Bhutan
    The District boundaries of Bhutan are delineated from Topographic maps based on the endorsed administrative boundary descriptions.
  • Transportation Network of Bhutan
    The road network of Bhutan comprise of all National Highways, Feeder roads, farm roads and access roads including all primary, secondary and tertiary roads for the entire country.
  • Chiwog Boundary of Bhutan
    Chiwog boundaries divide the block,Gewog,into several groups of villages for administration.The Chiwog boundaries were delineated during local government election in 2010.
  • Rural Population of Bhutan, 2013
    This shows the district wise rural population of Bhutan in the year 2013.
  • MODIS Active Fire Data of Bhutan
    This dataset is created using Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectro-radiometer (MODIS) data . The data shows the locations of fire incidents within Bhutan on various dates in the period between 2000 to..
  • Drainage System of Bhutan
    The Drainage system shows all the major drainage systems of Bhutan.
  • Land Parcels of Bhutan
    The land parcel layer contains all the registered land parcels in Bhutan surveyed from 2008-2014 by NCRP. It contains information on land type, plot id and the acerage of the parcel.