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  • Status of Glaciers in Amu Darya Basin

    Digital polygon data of Status of Glaciers in Amu Darya Basin during 2005 ± 3 (2002-2008) years. This dataset is created using Landsat ETM+ imageries of respective years. The glacier outlines was der..
  • Seed Plants of Kangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve

    This is a list of seed plants (angiosperms and gymnopsperms) recorded from the Kangchendzonga Biosphere Reserve in North Sikkim, India
  • Precipitation for Chaurikhark Station, Nepal

    Annual Mean Precipitation data for Caurikhark station, Koshi Basin, Nepal. This dataset is based on average daily precipitation reading which is accumulated for month and Accumulated monthly totals f..
  • Wind Speed at Dhankuta Station, Nepal

    Digital data of Daily mean wind speed measured at Dhankuta meteorological Station of Nepal. This dataset is created using actual daily wind speed averages. Wind speed in kilometer per hour is compute..